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  • Transportation

    Extensive experience in the development of state and federal multimodal transportation policy. We are familiar with all the aspects of transportation industry from planning, design, and construction of surface facilities to operations of a major national airline.

  • Economic Development

    Experience with workforce development/job training issues, business recruitment and retention, business finance, neighborhood revitalization and hosting issues. Innovative financing has also been secured for a major downtown redevelopment project.

  • Water

    Experience in water resource allocation pertaining to irrigation districts. Additionally estensive involvement in groundwater contamination issues, specifically regarding MTBE.

  • Information Technology

    Experience in procurement and competitive bid processes at state, county, and municipal levels for purchasing information technology infrastructure ranging from mainframes to office software.

  • Petroleum/Chemicals

    Experience with the tax, licensing, and permit requirements relating to the transport of gasoline across state lines and tribal lands. Transport through urban pipeline corridors of chemicals used in the high technology industry as well as jet fuel are other areas of experience. Representation of oxygenated fuel additive providers is another key involvement relative to this industry.

  • Energy

    Experience in the federal, state, and municipal public affairs department of one of the largest energy providers in the southwestern United States, Additional experience includes lobbying the legislature regarding the development, tax implications and groundwater usage of merchant power plants.

  • Health Care

    Experience with the continuous debate over health maintenance organizations mandated coverages and liabilities from a business and provider perspective. Additionally, representation of private, for-profit hospitals has provided valuable insights as to fiscal challenges of the health care industry and lawmakers’ direct impact on profitability.

  • Telecommunications

    Experience with this rapidly evolving and constantly changing industry has included monitoring right-of-way access and public utility easement issues. Additional experience includes passage of legislation regarding consumer service fees for telecommunications equipment usage.

  • Native American Tribes

    Experience representing two Native American tribes at the state level. Secured funding for development of social service facility and provided direction regarding TANF, transportation and health care funding.

  • Land Management

    Experience with growth management, natural resource management and conservation, forestry and urban planning. Excellent relationships exist with all major land management agencies.

  • Education

    Extensive experience with education policy on the state and federal levels. Special emphasis on charter school advancement and various methods of education including technology- assisted distance learning. Additionally represented private universities at the state level and direct involvement with community college policy making.