Post-COVID Tourism in Arizona: Will It Recover?


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Arizona is a hotbed for tourism between its beautiful range of recreation areas, annual spring training excitement, and year-round comfortable weather. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic completely stalled the state’s tourism industry and changed many people’s vacation plans to the Grand Canyon state. Now that we’re leaving the clutches of the pandemic, will tourism recover in Arizona? 

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How Did COVID-19 Impact Arizona Tourism?

According to the Arizona Office of Tourism’s report, travelers spent nearly $15 billion in Arizona in 2020. While that number does seem like a lot, it may be a surprise to learn that it was down 41% from the previous year. The report also indicates that the decrease in spending resulted in a 28.1% decline to $2.7 billion in tax revenue.

These numbers indicate something that we all already understood: the tourism and hospitality industry was hit especially hard. Even with the support of the CARES Act, earnings will still be much lower than in previous years. In July, Governor Doug Ducey announced $101.1 million in federal relief money from the American Rescue Plan to be allocated for tourism marketing, local community programs, event support, and outdoor recreation improvements with a program called the Visit Arizona Initiative

How is Tourism Recovering?

While we likely won’t be seeing strong numbers like we were before the pandemic, we should see an increase when compared to 2020. The Arizona Office of Tourism states that the tourism industry is finally bouncing back as more people become vaccinated and businesses start to open back up. However, the tourism industry is facing another crisis – staff shortage. According to many hotel and resort owners, the biggest concern they have right now is finding good employees.

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