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Health Care: Nursing Homes Fight for Protection from Lawsuits

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As we mentioned in a previous blog post about why lobbying will be important as a result of COVID-19, hiring a lobbyist is a critical move to prepare for the future of your company in 2020 and beyond. But, even before the virus hit, hiring a lobbyist was and still remains important if you are in the healthcare industry, especially within the skilled nursing or long-term care sector. Due to the effects of COVID-19  on the elderly or those with a weakened immune system, residents of these communities are dying at a much higher rate. Nursing homes are currently fighting for federal protections from Congress to ensure they do not get sued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Lobbying Can Help

There are more than 20 states, at this point, that have taken action to limit exposure to legal liabilities. According to a recent article, over 1,300 coronavirus-related lawsuits have been filed since May 1st, 2020, with a total of 2,600 filed in 2020. In fact, businesses are pushing their lobbyists focus to legislators to ensure the implementation of business liability protections. This shield would have a reach-back period so the companies that have lawsuits already against them, would be cleared. 

Be Proactive Before It’s Too Late

The healthcare industry, and especially nursing homes, has been a quiet but powerful lobby force for years. Because the regulations for skilled nursing facilities are heavily influenced by the government, itis necessary that facility owners have proper representation. However, waiting too long to hire a lobbyist can hurt your business by not ensuring government representation soon enough. 

The Difference At Dorn

At Dorn Policy Group, we have expert experience at the state and federal levels to give your company the representation it needs to influence policy. During these uncertain times, it is important to have a plan of action ready to go rather than scramble at the last minute to protect your business. Contact us today to help give your healthcare facility the government presence it needs and let your voice be heard. 

The Importance of Lobbying for Education

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At Dorn Policy Group, we specialize in many different issue areas including education, both K-12 and higher education. Our client K-12, Inc.,  offers many different educational tools for students, teachers, and administrators to help during this unprecedented time. If you are an educational institution, it is crucial to have a lobbyist to ensure your institution is funded and able to provide the right tools to students, teachers, and administrators. 

The Future of Remote Learning

Even before COVID-19, more and more schools began to implement an online program. Charter schools and higher education virtual programs have been growing in popularity as they allow students to have access to a classroom setting regardless of their geographical location. As a result of COVID-19, Arizona schools have incurred additional costs they were not prepared for. Remote learning will continue to grow; however, lobbyists can help to ensure funding remains available and steady flowing. 

Lobbying for Education

You may wonder, why would educational institutions need a lobbyist? Lobbying firms help schools attract and retain government funding. Funding for programs remain slim; therefore, it is important to have representation when legislators are voting on funding mechanisms. At the higher education level, schools face heavy competition to retain funding for various programs. By increasing your presence in front of the right government officials through an experienced lobbying firm is the first step in keeping your funding intact. 

At Dorn Policy Group, we have very extensive experience with education policy funding on the State and Federal levels. Now more than ever, it is crucial to partner with a lobbying firm to protect education funding from being cut. Due to the effects of COVID-19, it is important that students have access to educational resources. Contact Dorn Policy Group to learn more about how lobbying can protect your institution’s funding. 

Why Lobbying Will Be Important as a Result of COVID-19

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While COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our minds, we are starting to see the ripple effects of closing the economy and ordering citizens to stay at home. While some states like California remain closed, Arizona is once again open for business. Although we don’t know what the future holds, the best thing you can do is overprepare. 

While trying to keep your organization financially strong, adapting to a changing environment is important to your overall success. Hiring a lobbying firm is something to consider due to the rapidly changing environment and increased government action. 

Some key reasons to partner with a reputable advocacy group include:


One of the key differences between grassroot lobbying and hiring a professional are the relationships we have with elected officials and key decision-makers. These relationships are more important than ever before because of the limited access available. As business continues to be conducted virtually, experienced lobbyists know who to talk to and how to influence their decision-making. With a strong already established relationship, an experienced lobbyist finds it much easier to get in front of decision-makers in order to propel your interests forward.

Hyper-Focused on Important Issues

Right now, government departments and policymakers are busy dealing with issues as a result of COVID-19 and will be for the foreseeable future. It is unreasonable to expect to make room for other weighty issues. However, it is imperative to continue advocacy efforts through the current economic and political landscape. This may be through legislation, initiatives, or candidate nominations, as 2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal election year. But, it is important to still proceed with caution, as elected officials are experiencing a variety of new challenges. 

Invest in Your Future

 The global pandemic has validated the power of local control. In fact, based on recent events and trends over the past several years, states will continue to implement policy and recommend guidelines for the foreseeable future. The best thing your business can do to prepare is to invest in relationships with elected officials and key decision-makers. Hiring a lobbying firm with strong connections and experience at the state level can be a strategic move to push your interests forward. 

At Dorn Policy Group, we have helped our clients prepare for what is to come here. We partner with you to contend for issues that are in the best interest of your company’s future. Our expertise is accentuated by our comprehensive relationships that help your business thrive in Arizona.

Contact us to learn more about why Dorn Policy Group is one of the most reputable lobbying, policy, and advocacy groups in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How to Find an Effective Lobbyist

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No matter how big or small a company is, there is a good chance hiring a lobbyist is an essential move to protect your business’ interests from burdensome government regulation. Advocacy groups can help the voice of business be heard, but how does one start looking for a good lobbyist that would be reputable for their business? Here are some things to look for when hiring a lobbyist for your business.

Look at Expertise and Industries

 It goes without saying, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook when hiring the right lobbyist. When searching online, be sure to check the industries they serve to ensure your business falls into one of the categories. If not, keep looking.  If yes, take a look at their areas of expertise and services. Lobbying firms have different types of services offered, whether it be specializing in political advising or strategic communications.  Make sure you find a good match for your needs. 


Of course, experience is crucial. However, it becomes very important when looking for a lobbyist to represent your interests. One of the best types of experiences a lobbyist can have is being an insider. This means a lobbyist who has served as an elected official or staff lawmakers has deeper insight into how to influence lawmakers. They will know through firsthand experience how the legislative process works and will advise based on their specialized knowledge. However, something to look out for is someone who is aligned with a political party and will sway in favor of the party’s beliefs instead of what is right for your business. 

Don’t Wait for a Crisis

Whether or not to hire a lobbyist may be a topic of discussion within your office. It may seem more appealing to save the money instead of adding another expense. However, it may be rather difficult to hire a lobbyist in a crisis situation. Having a lobbyist already in place before a policy issue arises will be the key to success. 

Here at Dorn Policy Group, we want to help you protect your business’ interests. It is not always easy to find finding a lobbyist that is a good fit for your company, but we want to help make it a little bit easier. Contact us to learn more about partnering with us to protect your interests.

Why is lobbying important?

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Why is lobbying important? The short answer is it ensures a productive government. Without lobbyists, the government has a hard time sorting out differences of opinions when it comes to handling their citizens’ needs. 

Diving deeper into the details of lobbying, lobbyists are a great educational tool for legislators to use when voting on a subject matter they may not know much about. 

Strength in Numbers

You may wonder, why can’t a company and its management have direct contact to the government legislatures and represent themselves? One of the most important factors lobbyists have is access to government officials through experience and group goals. Legislatures are more likely to listen to the bearings of a group knowing there is large support behind it rather than just an individual or a single organization. 

In addition, what if citizens have conflicting interests? Lobbying can also help sort those interests out and provide some insight to legislatures. 

Ability to Follow-up

Another factor in the importance of a lobbyist is their ability to put pressure on government officials. There is a lot going on in government and new issues come in that could surpass other issues. Lobbyists have the ability to provide constant communication and shed light on its current issues. 

Partner With Dorn Policy Group

Here at Dorn Policy Group, we are one of the best lobby firms here in Phoenix, Arizona. 

With 20 years of experience, we provide advocacy for interest groups around the entire state of Arizona. We service a wide variety of clients, lobbying for them at the federal, state, county, municipal, district, and tribal level. Contact us to learn more about how we lobby for your issue.