What are Lobbying Internships Like? Meet Our Interns!



Here at Dorn Policy Group, we love our interns! We know it can be hard to start a career in policy or government relations while in college or a recent graduate. That is why we like to help students in the Phoenix metropolitan area get hands-on government relations and lobbying experience. 

Our interns Puja Chandramohan and Evan Nye applied to be an intern through our website here


Meet Puja Chandramohan

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Puja quickly realized her passion for public service and advocacy in the policy arena. She has a growing fascination with international relations and discourses as she has studied, and even witnessed, global policy issues that have been implemented at the expense of citizens. Though, it is her desire to drive social change. That has since motivated her pursuit of a Masters of Public Policy at Arizona State University’s School of Public Affairs. 

Meet Evan Nye

Evan began interning at Dorn Porn Policy Group in January, 2021. At Dorn Policy Group, he is excited to learn more about the legislative and policy-making process. His experience includes interning at Molera Alvarez and the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, where he learned about the city and state’s efforts to promote international trade and foster a global community. 

We sat down with Evan and Puja to give a little bit of insight into what it is like to be an intern at Dorn Policy Group.  


What do you do and what skills are you learning?

We are still new, but we research stakeholders, contact legislators’ offices, watch committee meetings, help with the setup of special events hosted by Dorn Policy Group, and give briefs to the team prior to meetings. The biggest skill we are learning so far is networking and communication. 

What specific projects are you working on?

Right now, Puja and I are researching the Independent Redistricting Commission to better understand how new congressional districts will be drawn. 

What have you learned about the lobbying industry so far?

A lot! First, it seems that success as an individual and as a firm is all about who you know and the relationships you have with others. Lobbyists have to work hard to support their clients, which means that they need to be experts in a variety of different policy areas and make their clients feel cared for. The team at Dorn Policy Group are excellent educators, and answer any questions we have.


Dorn Policy Group is Here to Serve and Teach!

We are always looking for new talent that can work with our team. If you feel you are qualified for an internship with us, please click here to fill out the online application.

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