Why Lobbying Will Be Important as a Result of COVID-19


While COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our minds, we are starting to see the ripple effects of closing the economy and ordering citizens to stay at home. While some states like California remain closed, Arizona is once again open for business. Although we don’t know what the future holds, the best thing you can do is overprepare. 

While trying to keep your organization financially strong, adapting to a changing environment is important to your overall success. Hiring a lobbying firm is something to consider due to the rapidly changing environment and increased government action. 

Some key reasons to partner with a reputable advocacy group include:


One of the key differences between grassroot lobbying and hiring a professional are the relationships we have with elected officials and key decision-makers. These relationships are more important than ever before because of the limited access available. As business continues to be conducted virtually, experienced lobbyists know who to talk to and how to influence their decision-making. With a strong already established relationship, an experienced lobbyist finds it much easier to get in front of decision-makers in order to propel your interests forward.

Hyper-Focused on Important Issues

Right now, government departments and policymakers are busy dealing with issues as a result of COVID-19 and will be for the foreseeable future. It is unreasonable to expect to make room for other weighty issues. However, it is imperative to continue advocacy efforts through the current economic and political landscape. This may be through legislation, initiatives, or candidate nominations, as 2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal election year. But, it is important to still proceed with caution, as elected officials are experiencing a variety of new challenges. 

Invest in Your Future

 The global pandemic has validated the power of local control. In fact, based on recent events and trends over the past several years, states will continue to implement policy and recommend guidelines for the foreseeable future. The best thing your business can do to prepare is to invest in relationships with elected officials and key decision-makers. Hiring a lobbying firm with strong connections and experience at the state level can be a strategic move to push your interests forward. 

At Dorn Policy Group, we have helped our clients prepare for what is to come here. We partner with you to contend for issues that are in the best interest of your company’s future. Our expertise is accentuated by our comprehensive relationships that help your business thrive in Arizona.

Contact us to learn more about why Dorn Policy Group is one of the most reputable lobbying, policy, and advocacy groups in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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