3 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Lobbying


A lobbying meeting going over strategy for a client

Owner, HR, CFO, procurement, IT. Small business owners have several roles to carry out.  One that may never be thought of, yet may be one of the most important, is a lobbyist.  Legislators regularly create policies that sometimes make or break small businesses. While it may be assumed that lobbying firms primarily lookout for the best interests of large corporations, that is not necessarily true. There are a large number of boutique lobbyists that lookout for the little guy. There are several reasons why a small business might need to hire a lobbyist, but we have broken it down into three important categories to consider.

They Have Experience in Influencing Legislation

While anybody can gain the attention of lawmakers and government agencies, there is a very slim chance they can actually sway their decision. This is where lobbyists come in. They know how to reach key policymakers and have the knowledge and experience to strategically influence their decision. Small business owners likely lack the right connections or resources to garner enough recognition for their cause. By partnering with a lobbying firm, their voice has a chance of being heard on all levels of government.

They Can Strategically Communicate Your Case

As we mentioned above, lobbying firms have experience in influencing policy decisions. One way they achieve this is by focusing on key communication strategies, such as capturing media attention, utilizing digital platforms, and community outreach. These plans of action are proven to influence policymakers and public opinion if successfully implemented. By partnering with a lobbying group, small business owners will have a team of experts whose communication skills will push their message further than simply doing it alone. 

They Get Results Faster Than DIY Lobbying

Through their knowledge and communication skills, lobbying firms have the ability to get results faster than a business owner would by working alone. This is especially true if the owner is dealing with a time-sensitive issue. While there is never a guarantee they will get the desired results, it is a safe bet they are more likely to reach legislation much more efficiently than the average small business owner. 

Dorn Policy Group Welcomes Small Business Partnerships

As one of Arizona’s top lobbying firms, we are dedicated to helping businesses large and small. We have more than 60 years of combined experience and know the best strategies to ensure your voice is heard on the issues that matter to you. If you’re a small business owner in need of assistance do not hesitate to contact us today!

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