What Does Arizona’s Cyber Command Center Mean for the Economy?


Cyber Security in Cyber Command Center

In early October, Governor Doug Ducey launched Arizona’s new Cyber Command Center during a ceremony at the Department of Public Safety’s Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) in Phoenix. The reason behind the new center and state-of-the-art technology is to subdue the growing threat of malicious cyber activity around the world. 

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Cybersecurity is a Global Issue

In a recent Global Risk Report from the World Economic Forum, researchers found that cybersecurity is one of the most concerning risks impacting economies worldwide. Of 650 World Economic Forum leaders, nearly 40% cited cybersecurity as a clear detriment to the global economy. 

Maybe this is due to our dependence on technology. Or, maybe it is a ripple effect caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the case, it is an issue that must be addressed. 

The Arizona Command Center Aims to Protect Our Economy

Researchers found that Arizona lost nearly $1.6 billion from data breaches, and 10.9 million records were stolen or lost as a direct result. Moreover, they found that Arizona schools have leaked over 2.8 million records online since 2005. Cybersecurity has also been a huge concern for Arizona’s health institutions, having cost an estimated $4.2 million and exposed the records of over 11,000 patients in the state. 

With technology being so common-place, from both a personal and business perspective, something must be done to protect the infrastructure from cyberattacks. The Arizona Cyber Command Center will play a critical role in protecting Arizonans and ensuring our cyber infrastructure remains safe and secure. It will be the state’s headquarters for coordinating statewide cybersecurity operations and will work with local, state, and federal agencies in preventing online attacks. 

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. Advocates for Stronger Cybersecurity

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