Why Should Small Businesses Join a Chamber of Commerce?


Taking Notes in Notebook with the Chamber of Commerce

Looking to expand your presence and grow your business’s revenue? Joining your local chamber of commerce can be an exceptional opportunity to push your small businesses to the next level. 

But, what exactly is a chamber of commerce and how can it benefit your business?

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

It is a local network designed to help business owners connect with other businesses in a formal environment. 

Small Businesses Benefits of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

Not only will it help grow your network of local businesses, but joining can bring a number of other perks. Including:

  • Acquiring customer referrals
  • Receive chamber newsletters
  • Increase visibility in your community
  • Bring credibility to your business

Additionally, joining your local chamber gives you a voice in government; giving you resources to share your concern for new regulations, taxes, and other impacts on your business. 

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. Can Amplify Your Voice in All Levels of Government

With nearly 60 years of combined government experience, Dorn Policy Group can advocate on your behalf at the Federal, State, County, Municipal, District, and Tribal levels. 

Contact us to learn what Dorn Policy Group, Inc. can do for you.

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