June 2021

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Here at Dorn Policy Group, Inc., we are proud of the work we do and the relationships we build. As an Arizona-based company, we strive to better our community, and one way we do just that is by partnering with organizations with that same mission in mind. AZAdvances is one of those organizations. They work with Arizona researchers and early-stage life science companies that are discovering, developing, and delivering treatments and cures for some of our greatest health challenges. We are honored to partner with this industry-leading organization and look forward to continuing our work toward a healthier Arizona.

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. was founded on the belief that integrity, tenacity, and client results should be the cornerstones of quality government relations. Since then, we have become one of Arizona’s leading government relations firms and have assisted many well-known companies with their government affairs. Read our article below to learn more about our partnership with AZAdvances.

Who is AZAdvances?

Our client is on a mission to advance health innovations from discovery to development to delivery, by providing ongoing funding and support that moves Arizona discoveries into development. The lack of Arizona-based funding for research and early-stage life science companies can hinder health innovations that benefit all Arizonans. That is why they have partnered with Dorn Policy Group, Inc. – to create a sustainable funding source to address the needs of Arizona-based companies to develop and advance healthcare solutions.

What Does Dorn Policy Group Do for AZAdvances?

Advocacy is key for any company on a mission for change. That is where Dorn Policy Group, Inc. comes in. We provide strategic counsel and issue management, as well as advocate for policies on behalf of our client. Additionally, we alert them to key legislative deadlines to ensure they stay on top of current legislation that may require their attention.

Furthermore, we assist AZAdvances by:
● Monitoring government-related activity that can potentially affect their organization and industry
● Cultivating community relationships in both the public and private sectors to secure project funding
● Educating elected officials on policies and initiatives that promote a robust and competitive bioscience industry in Arizona and develop strong professional partnerships with other like-minded organizations
● Informing our client on existing laws and regulations, as well as proposed legislation that may hinder their operations. Additionally, we provide information to help make educated decisions and take strategic steps to further advance their mission

Dorn Policy Group Moves Companies Forward With Strong Government Relations

As one of the top Arizona lobbyists, we know how important it is to be noticed by key elected officials and community leaders. AZAdvances is an excellent example of a company on a mission to better our community by funding Arizona’s growing bioscience industry. We are proud to assist in their initiative and look forward to their future growth.
By partnering with Dorn Policy Group, you can rest assured knowing that you have skilled advocates looking out for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you today.

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Government is a revolving door with elected officials constantly developing new laws and regulations that impact businesses. It’s like that old saying goes: it’s all about who you know. 

How Does Lobbying Affect State and Federal Government?

When it comes to lobbying, we act as the middleman between organizations and elected officials to influence policy decisions on a specific issue. As one of Arizona’s top lobbying firms, we work closely with all levels of government to ensure our client’s best interests are at heart. 

Influencing policy is a core part of a sound democratic system. Lobbying provides the voiceless with a microphone to amplify their message. Whether it be for or against tax reform, minimum wage increases, or regulations that impede business operations, we are your ally in all things public policy. 

Lobbying provides a way for businesses to connect with elected officials on issues that matter to them. Additionally, lobbyists help guide the conversation to ensure your interests are being heard by those that matter.

Lobbying Brings a Balance Between Public Interest and Legislation

With a diverse population comes a variety of opinions, both in government and in the community. Each side wants their voices heard, but with so much commotion it can be hard for policymakers to fully grasp the scope of the issue. 

It is the lobbyist’s job to articulate one’s case to a wide audience. This will ensure  balance through constructive discussions and exceptional representation of interests. 

Dorn Policy Group Is the Go-To for Lobbying Services

Lobbying encourages people to participate in government and voice their concerns. With nearly 60 years of combined government experience, Dorn Policy Group can advocate on your behalf at the Federal, State, County, Municipal, District, and Tribal levels. 

Contact us to learn more about how to become a partner with Dorn Policy Group.

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