November 2020

Hiring a government relations firm is a great first step in making sure your voice is heard when it comes to public policy issues that might affect your business. These firms represent a variety of interests that can range from big corporations to small businesses, educational organizations to non-profits, and individuals. Through education and advocacy, they will stop policies that might not be in your best interest. 

Since most people do not have the time or resources to maneuver through the complex world of politics, these firms are capable of doing the heavy lifting. But what should you look for before making the critical step of hiring a government relations firm? Here are some of the qualities and services you should look for in your search.




It goes without saying, but you should ensure that the government relations firm has plenty of experience under their belt. Having a staff with tenure and relationships with former public officials is always a good way to tell you are in the company of people who have been there before and know how to get desirable results for you.



Being able to work from both sides of the aisle is crucial in the world of politics. By being flexible and willing to work with everyone, you can establish and build relationships in an environment where things can change very quickly.

Background in Various Industries

Apart from having experience working with policy, you will want a firm that has an understanding of a variety of industries. By having a background in several issue areas, especially your industry, you can be confident over the policy being advocated for on your behalf. 



Lobbying, Policy & Advocacy

You want a government relations firm with a track record of effectively influencing public policy decisions. They should have comprehensive and creative approaches to solving problems that might be of concern to your business or organization. 

Government Relations

Building relationships and connections are an essential part of the public policy process. By having a firm with strong ties and friendships with elected officials in all levels of government, you can rest assured knowing your concerns will be heard by the people that matter. 


Dorn Policy Group Will Advocate For You

As one of the leading professional lobbying and public affairs firms in Arizona, Dorn Policy Group will provide you with strategic counsel to meet your goals. We work in all levels of government including Federal, State, County, Municipal, District, and Tribal governments. With a principal staff that has nearly 60 years of combined experience working with government and political consulting, we will advocate on your behalf to the people that matter. Contact us today to learn how Dorn Policy Group can help your organization or business.

The Salt Lake city capital building government relations

Thomas R. Dye once said politics is about battling over scarce governmental resources and who, where, when, why, and how they obtain them. One of the ways businesses pursue the resources they need is by hiring a government relations firm. But what exactly is a government relations firm and what can they do for businesses? 

What Does a Government Relations Firm Do?

While this type of firm is very similar to a lobbyist group, they provide much more. A government relations firm provides strategic guidance for businesses and works in tandem with government offices to achieve a successful outcome. They also provide policy analysis and education about their client’s business and industry without pushing a separate agenda. 

Another type of government relations firm is a public affairs firm. This type of agency has a public relations element  to develop messages to the public to bring awareness to a specific issue. They work with clients on a variety of activities including lobbying, media engagement, advising, consulting, advocacy, and monitoring political activity.

What Can a Government Relations Firm Do For Business Owners?

According to AALEP, the potential impact a government affairs group can have on a business strategy is significant. While it varies based on the industry, it can account for between 30-50% of a company’s earnings, tax, depreciation, and amortization. 

They use their skills and resources to leverage a company’s advantages by:

  • Addressing emerging nonmarket-driven opportunities and threats
  • Shaping the structure of existing and new markets
  • Enhancing the company’s brand and reputation
  • Building a relationship between the business and its external stakeholders

Moreover, government relations firms are qualified in scanning the business nonmarket environment for opportunities and threats to benefit their clients. With their assistance, they prove to be significant in business strategy.

Let Dorn Policy Group Assist Your Business

As one of the top Arizona lobbyists, we know how important it is to be noticed by those who govern us. By partnering with Dorn Policy Group, you can rest assured knowing that you have skilled advocates looking out for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you today.

Outside of a capital building with large white columns lobbying

Lobbying is the process of trying to influence key policymakers. Lobbyists will attempt to educate public officials to take a stand that best aligns with the interest of who they are representing. While it is true that big corporations spend billions of dollars on lobbying, any kind of business, large or small, can hire and benefit from a lobbyists’ extensive knowledge in a variety of subject areas. 

Anyone from big corporations to individuals and non-profits to unions can utilize lobbying services. More and more groups are hiring lobbyists to represent them and have their voices be heard. But one question remains, is lobbying good or bad for democracy? Here are a couple of reasons why lobbying is an essential part of a working government and democracy.

Lobbying Is Protected Under The First Amendment

While there is no place in the Constitution that specifically states or mentions the word “lobbying,” it is protected under the 1st Amendment, stating that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This means that the people have the right to petition the government and have their voices heard on topics that affect them.

Lobbying Gives A Voice To The Unrepresented

Most people do not have the time, resources, or skills to present themselves in front of policymakers and advocate for their interests. Lobbyists give people the opportunity to be represented in front of these public officials and get a seat at the discussion table. Lobbyists give these individuals, companies, non-profits, and worker unions a voice. Providing them with a chance to give their input, and raise their concerns regarding policies that affect them.

Lobbyist Provide Educational Insights

With over 10,000 bills presented to Congress, it is hard to imagine that policymakers are experts in every subject. Since lobbyists often specialize in specific subject areas, they can represent and articulate the interests of their clients as experts in the matter. Therefore, lobbyists can also educate and bring to light issues that public officials might be unfamiliar with, providing benefits to both parties.

Let Dorn Policy Group Advocate For You

Lobbying encourages people to participate in government and voice their concerns. With nearly 60 years of combined government experience, Dorn Policy Group can advocate on your behalf at the Federal, State, County, Municipal, District, and Tribal levels. Contact us to learn more about how to become a partner with Dorn Policy Group.

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