Businesses often find it difficult to navigate around zoning regulations on certain areas of land. Zoning is the process by which local policymakers restrict the use of the property and provide allowable land uses within its jurisdiction. As a growing business, you may be faced with zoning restrictions that may impede your ability to thrive. By partnering with a lobbying firm, you can stay ahead of the curve by having a team of advocates work on your behalf. We’ve highlighted some areas below that business owners may face when encountering zoning restrictions.

Avoid Expensive Land Use Costs

While costs can vary depending on the land and its regulations, the approval to use certain land can be costly. According to the Independent Institute, many applicants may spend $5,000 to $20,000 to gain approval for a basic conditional use permit. Not to mention the additional fees that might be incurred for transportation engineers or environmental consultants. 

Lobbyists can fight on the business owner’s behalf by voicing their grievances and using communication skills to sway legislators’ decisions. It’s difficult for small businesses to reach policymakers, so lobbying firms can be the link that brings the two together.

Influence Regulations to Avoid Fines

Another important aspect business owners must consider are regulations on what businesses can be established in the area. For example, in the case of Adrian Hernandez v. City of Hanford, a furniture business owner was cited for violating an ordinance limiting furniture stores to an area of 2,500 square feet. Laws like this aren’t uncommon, and if business owners are not careful, they can be hit with hefty fines. 

Your business is your livelihood, and you can’t afford to be fined for running your business. Through strategic planning and issues management, lobbying firms can help you move forward.

Help You Navigate Through Relocation and Licensing

If you’re a growing business and are looking to relocate, it may be beneficial to have a group of advocates on your side. Not only do agencies help influence government officials to reconsider zoning and land use regulations, but they can provide the necessary resources in relocation and licensing. Not to mention their ability to find resolutions in a quick, positive manner

Influence Zoning Regulations with Dorn Policy Group

Zoning ordinances can be complex to understand and may hinder the business owner’s ability to thrive. By partnering with a lobbying firm, they can avoid costly fines and influence key policymakers to revise regulations in favor of the business owner. As one of Arizona’s top lobbying firms, Dorn Policy Group has the expertise to assist in any matter relating to land use and zoning ordinances. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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