February 2021

Hiring a lobbyist can be a crucial step in trying to achieve a business objective or goal. By hiring a lobbyist, you can ensure that your voice will be heard and that you and your company will get a seat at the table. 

While it is true that lobbyists advocate on behalf of big corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations can also greatly benefit from their services. A lobbyist’s expertise and influence can most certainly persuade key decision-makers in favor or against legislation that directly affects your interests. 

Therefore, before taking on the process of hiring a lobbyist, it is important to understand what makes a good lobbyist, as well as what services you will receive, to ensure their qualifications align with your end goals.


How to Find a Good Lobbyist

When beginning the search to find an effective lobbyist for your company or organization, the first step is to make sure they serve the industry you are in. You will want to hire a lobbyist who knows the ins and outs of your industry, and understands the policy and regulations behind it. Additionally, you will want to find out their areas of expertise, as this can also vary. 

Finally, look at their overall experience, whether it be with previous clients, projects, or even previous careers. Lobbyists who were once public officials or lawmakers have a big advantage, as they possess years of insider information along with strong connections and relationships with key policymakers.  


Who Can Hire a Lobbyist?

There are no restrictions when it comes to who can hire a lobbyist. Corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from the skills of a lobbyist. The end goal for each lobbyist is to advocate on your behalf for or against issues that directly impact you and your business. These lobbyists can help you navigate the legislative world while communicating your position on specific issues as clearly as possible. In general, lobbyists make the process of lobbying much smoother than if you were taking it on by yourself.


Questions to Ask a Lobbyist

As you narrow down your candidate choices, these are a couple of questions that will be helpful to ask when selecting a lobbying firm or a single lobbyist. Asking questions can help you decide if your end goal is compatible with their expertise, making the process much simpler and straightforward.

How many staff members do you have?

This will help you get a sense of how big or small the firm is, as some lobbyists work as a one-person team while others work in firms with over 50 lobbyists.

How many clients do you currently work with?

Just like knowing how many staff are available, it is important to know how many clients they currently have. This can help you get a better understanding as to how much time, effort, and resources they have available to achieve your objective. 

What is your background?

This question will give you a better idea about their past experience, whether it is in different industries, job fields, or otherwise. Knowing the background of lobbyists can help you decide if they are a good match. 

Dorn Policy Group Will Advocate For You

As a leading Arizona-based lobbying and public affairs firm, we provide our clients with strategic counsel to advance our client’s ultimate goals. Dorn Policy Group works with all levels of government including Federal, State, County, Municipal, District, and Tribes. Contact us today to learn more about how Dorn Policy Group can help you achieve your goals.


Here at Dorn Policy Group, we love our interns! We know it can be hard to start a career in policy or government relations while in college or a recent graduate. That is why we like to help students in the Phoenix metropolitan area get hands-on government relations and lobbying experience. 

Our interns Puja Chandramohan and Evan Nye applied to be an intern through our website here


Meet Puja Chandramohan

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Puja quickly realized her passion for public service and advocacy in the policy arena. She has a growing fascination with international relations and discourses as she has studied, and even witnessed, global policy issues that have been implemented at the expense of citizens. Though, it is her desire to drive social change. That has since motivated her pursuit of a Masters of Public Policy at Arizona State University’s School of Public Affairs. 

Meet Evan Nye

Evan began interning at Dorn Porn Policy Group in January, 2021. At Dorn Policy Group, he is excited to learn more about the legislative and policy-making process. His experience includes interning at Molera Alvarez and the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, where he learned about the city and state’s efforts to promote international trade and foster a global community. 

We sat down with Evan and Puja to give a little bit of insight into what it is like to be an intern at Dorn Policy Group.  


What do you do and what skills are you learning?

We are still new, but we research stakeholders, contact legislators’ offices, watch committee meetings, help with the setup of special events hosted by Dorn Policy Group, and give briefs to the team prior to meetings. The biggest skill we are learning so far is networking and communication. 

What specific projects are you working on?

Right now, Puja and I are researching the Independent Redistricting Commission to better understand how new congressional districts will be drawn. 

What have you learned about the lobbying industry so far?

A lot! First, it seems that success as an individual and as a firm is all about who you know and the relationships you have with others. Lobbyists have to work hard to support their clients, which means that they need to be experts in a variety of different policy areas and make their clients feel cared for. The team at Dorn Policy Group are excellent educators, and answer any questions we have.


Dorn Policy Group is Here to Serve and Teach!

We are always looking for new talent that can work with our team. If you feel you are qualified for an internship with us, please click here to fill out the online application.

Two professionals who are in lobbying are working in an office

Even though a lot of the time lobbying and advocating can work hand in hand, there are still key differences that make them separate. Therefore, it is important to understand what advocating means, what lobbying is, and how they differ from each other.

What is Advocacy?

In simple terms, advocacy means the backing and support of any sort of cause, idea, or legislation. This can be done through public campaigns educating individuals on a certain topic, sharing positive outcomes of specific issues, and the overall recommendation of issues that will be affecting certain individuals and the community around them.

What is Lobbying?

Lobbying on the other hand can be defined as the act of influencing politicians, public officials, and key policymakers in favor or against certain legislation. Not only that but it can also be broken down into two further categories.

Direct: This is what most people think of when discussing lobbying activities, having communication with policymakers in hopes for them to vote against or in favor of particular legislation.

Grassroots: This means enticing the public to contact public officials in hopes of influencing key policymakers. 

Advocacy Vs. Lobbying Examples

Here are some common examples to help distinguish between advocacy and lobbying.


  • Educating members of the public or politicians why a certain cause is important for the community.
  • Using social media to voice your opinion on specific issues.


  • Asking a member of congress to vote for or against a particular piece of legislation.
  • Using social media to ask members of the public to contact their elected officials to pass or deny current or pending legislation.

Dorn Policy Will Advocate For You

As a leading Arizona-based professional lobbying and public affairs firm, Dorn Policy Group works with all levels of government including Federal, State, county, municipal, district, and Tribal government entities. Working with both Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents, we will provide you with the best strategic counsel to advance and reach your objectives. Contact us today to get started!

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