August 2021

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If you have ever driven to northern Arizona, you know the only direct route from the Phoenix area is Interstate 17 (I-17). Recently, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) announced its intention to make improvements to the highway to increase capacity and safety. But, how exactly will ADOT achieve this goal?

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. is one of Arizona’s top government relations firms. We are advocacy professionals who strive to obtain the results our clients want. ADOT is one of many state agencies we have extensive experience with and are proud to work with on a number of projects. Read our blog post below and learn what the I-17 widening means for our state and future travel up north. 

What is Going Into the Improvement Project?

Back in 2019, Governor Doug Ducey announced his intention to improve the I-17 north of Phoenix. The investments in the project – which exceed $300 million – will widen the interstate to three lanes along a 15 mile stretch from Anthem to Black Canyon City. Additionally, the interstate will feature an 8-mile system of flex lanes between Black Canyon City and Sunset Point. 

Why Widen the I-17?

The improvements to the highway have been a high priority for elected officials and infrastructure professionals for many years. On an average weekday, about 25,000 cars travel the interstate; while on weekends that number can easily double. Moreover, if an accident happens on the highway it can significantly delay traffic. 

Doug Nintzel, a spokesman for ADOT, explains, “We’ve always faced this challenge of I-17 in that Black Canyon City region being such a mountainous, winding area and it’s prone to fender benders, to crashes, to even disabled vehicles.” He continues, “It’s going to make a world of difference as we look to things like busy holiday weekends when traffic may come to a standstill, the summer months and summer weekends, the ability to have this extra traffic capacity will make a big difference. Especially if you had an incident out there.” 

The Infrastructure of the I-17 Widening Project

The project will support northbound traffic by addressing key improvements, such as:

  • Adding lanes to achieve three general-purpose lanes in each direction from Anthem Way to north of Coldwater Canyon Road 
  • Adding two flex lanes parallel to the southbound lanes from north of  Coldwater Canyon Road to the Sunset Point Rest Area
  • Improving bridges, drainage, traffic, and roadways to accommodate the proposed widening
  • Relocating or protecting utilities in the corridor
  • Adding intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology to improve traffic flow and the operation of the flex lanes
  • Improving signage

Dorn Policy Group is a Proud Arizona Government Relations Firm

Dorn Policy Group was founded in 2000 on the belief that integrity, tenacity, and client results should be the cornerstones of government relations. We work with all levels and departments of government to ensure the demands of our community and clients are met. We partner with a wide range of industries, including those in transportation, education, energy, healthcare, and many more. Contact us today and learn how we can help you enhance your government relations.

Stormy Arizona Monsoon weather over a beautiful landscape

While most people assume Arizona is a desolate desert, it can actually be a wet oasis. 2021 has seen an exceedingly rainy summer. Although it has been beneficial  for our vegetation, wildlife, and daily living, the Arizona monsoon season can also be quite dangerous.

Arizona Monsoon Floods Gila Bend

Earlier this month, Governor Doug Ducey issued an emergency declaration to support Gila Bend after severe flooding. 

Maricopa County also declared an emergency, enabling the county Department of Emergency Management to begin coordinating various organizations to assist in the response. 

Maricopa County provided residents with more than 30 tons of sandbags, as well as access to equipment and supplies to remove debris and other cleanup efforts

The Aftermath of the Monsoon and Flood in Gila Bend

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, public safety officers rescued at least 30 people and two others died as a result of the flooding

Additionally, The American Red Cross opened an emergency center and shelter at Gila Bend High School for those impacted by the floods.

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. Can Help With Your Government Relations

The Arizona monsoon season can have a heavy impact on our environment and energy infrastructure and must be properly funded in order to recover from the storm damage. Dorn Policy Group, Inc. are experts in advocacy and work closely with you and elected officials to secure appropriate funding.

Contact us today to learn more about our environment and energy advocacy expertise!

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

Our brain is one of, if not the most critical part of our bodies. The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona is stepping up to serve thousands of members of the disabled community and their families in Arizona. Dorn Policy Group is honored to partner with the Alliance to advocate for support from our local government officials. Read our article below to learn more about our partnership and what we are doing to help their cause. 

Who is the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona?

35 years ago, the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona was founded in Tucson by a group of parents on a mission to advocate for their pediatric and adult children with a brain injury. Today, the Alliance is a statewide organization that supports individuals with brain injuries and the experts who serve them. Their primary focus is prevention, education, and awareness. 

Additionally, they hold a 4-day camp for adult brain injury survivors called Camp Can Do. A signature program that connects survivors with nature, forms worthwhile friendships and enjoys increased independence. The camp is composed of physical and occupational therapy students serving as volunteers with the goal of helping campers gain real-world experience and promote social activity. 

COVID-19 Impacts the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most aspects of our world, from our education and healthcare system to our businesses. The virus has touched everyone and every industry, and the Brain Injury Alliance is no exception. 

While the coronavirus is often considered a lung disease, the virus can cause issues with neuro-coupling mechanisms in the delivery of oxygen to the organs in our body. Additionally, the brain is susceptible to injury when there is oxygen deprivation and can lead to neuro-fatigue, memory issues, post-COVID strokes, and other emerging neuro-ailments. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona was unable to host their annual Brain Health Gala, which typically earns $250,000 in donations towards the organization. The nonprofit also canceled its 2020 and 2021 fundraising walk event which raises $45,000 annually towards various programs. Camp Can Do was also canceled. 

What Dorn Policy Group Did to Help the Brain Injury Alliance

Advocacy is vital for most companies, but this is especially true for nonprofit organizations. Dorn Policy Group is experienced in providing organizations like the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona with advocacy for both policies and funding.

Under our guidance and advocacy efforts, we were able to secure the Alliance with much-needed funding from the CARES Act. With this funding, the organization will use its $133,000 allotment to support the growing demand for its services during the pandemic. 

Additionally, we help each of our clients by:

  • Monitoring government-related activity that can potentially affect their organization and industry
  • Cultivating community relationships in both the public and private sectors to secure funding
  • Informing our client on existing laws and regulations, as well as proposed legislation that may hinder their operations. 

Dorn Policy Group Helps Nonprofits Move Forward

As one of the top Arizona lobbyists, we know how important it is to be noticed by key elected officials and community leaders. We are proud to assist the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona in their initiative and look forward to their future growth.

By partnering with Dorn Policy Group, you can rest easy knowing that you have skilled advocates looking out for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you today.

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