July 16, 2021

The Arizona Trail located in Arizona

As an Arizona resident, you probably already know how important recreational trails are to our state. Not only does it allow us to enjoy the natural beauty of our communities, but studies have also shown they promote great health and invite tourism. Recently, Dorn Policy Group, Inc. has partnered with The Arizona Trail to advocate for increased funding to help protect and advance their 800-mile path from Mexico to Utah. 

For over 20 years, Dorn Policy Group, Inc. has been one of Arizona’s trusted lobbying firms, providing exceptional advocacy and consultation in government relations. We partner with organizations to ensure their goals are being met and voices are being heard by Arizona’s elected officials. Read our article below and learn about our partnership with The Arizona Trail.

What is The Arizona Trail?

This incredible organization was the dream of Dale Shewalter, who envisioned a state-long trail that would connect Nogales to the Utah state line. The idea was embraced by trail enthusiasts and park systems from the local, state, and federal levels. 

Since then, The Arizona Trail has become one of the country’s premier long-distance trails for its diverse mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, and historic sites only seen on its path. Through its dedication and passion for Arizona’s beautiful landscape, the organization demonstrates what trail users and land managers can accomplish when they share a common vision. 

Today, The Arizona Trail contributes significantly to Arizona’s $21.2 billion outdoor recreation economy and has become a beloved strip of natural land for outdoor enthusiasts. In 2006, it was designated a State Scenic Trail and a National Scenic Trail in 2009.

What is Dorn Policy Group Doing to Help The Arizona Trail?

Part of The Arizona Trail’s mission is to encourage exploration and connect people with nature. But, state funding is absolutely vital for any park or trail system. It ensures the grounds, trails, and the beauty of the environment are properly maintained to benefit enthusiasts and local wildlife alike. 

While the Arizona Legislature worked on the state budget this year, supporters for the Arizona Trail began advocating for a modest appropriation towards the organization’s efforts. This funding would be used to hire conservation corps to conduct priority trail construction, maintenance, and wildlife mitigation beyond most volunteers’ expertise. 

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. led the charge in advocating for an additional appropriation towards this wonderful organization. We have been involved in similar advocacy efforts in the past by supporting public safety, health, and recreation organizations in Arizona. For The Arizona Trail, our team of government relations specialists strategically found ways to best present our client’s case to our elected officials. This cemented incredible results for the organization and highlights just how important this trail is to our economy.  

Dorn Policy Group is Proud to Help Move Organizations Forward

As one of the leading Arizona lobbying firms, we know how important it is to be noticed by key elected officials and community leaders. With such a large, diverse community in Arizona, it can be difficult getting your voice heard. Dorn Policy Group, Inc. ensures your cause is amplified and that you benefit from strong government relations and proper support from your elected officials. Contact us today and learn how we can help your organization move forward.

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